The challenges that confront Somalia today are immense, complex, and disparate. Our country is threatened by civil war violence, climate change, environmental devastation, poverty, rising youth unemployment, as well as deepening socio-political and economic discriminations. Motivate aims to provide innovative and long terms solutions to these problems by fostering the courage, compassion, and competence necessary for effective leadership among today’s youth.

At Motivate, we believe that leadership is distinct from authority. It is a process, not a position. If we look at leadership as the process of mobilizing a group to improve the human condition, we open up new and exciting opportunities for people to participate in leadership activities, regardless of whether they hold a formal position of authority. This is especially relevant for Somalia where the majority of the population is youth, most young people do not hold formal positions of authority.

Does this mean that this generation cannot contribute to the country’s development today?
We believe that formal authority is not a requirement for exercising leadership. Leadership can be exercised by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or socio-economic status. What is required for young people to exercise leadership is heart and ability. Motivate provides a platform for young people to develop leadership skills and participate in the country’s development process.

Motivate is non-governmental organization, established on 1 st August, 2015 to motivate the citizens of Somalia to contribute towards the developments of our nation.
We inspire and prepare youth to be the agents for a positive change, we Encourage youth to develop skills, generate income sources so that they can be part of the nations development. We encourage youth to avoid violence and extremism activities.

Our Vision

Motivate envisions a Somalia where all the people, specifically youth achieve their full potential and positively impact in community development in all aspects of life. Motivate prepares young people to be healthy, productive, leaders and engaged citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build connections among youth, equip them with a leadership skills, and enable them to have high positive impact in community development.

Our Goals and Objectives

To conduct training programs and workshops periodically against poverty, unemployment, extremism and violence.
To provide a basic education, vocational training for the disabled, orphanage
and youth in order to make them educated and empowered.
To inspire young people on the path to employment and economic
To encourage the community in participating peace building activities

To unite youth and promote their activities towards a positive change

To motivate and promote the role of woman in leadership  in the community

Our Programs

Motivate organizes a series of programs designed to inspire youth to participate in community development and to prevent youth from engaging in violence associated with radical political, social, cultural, and religious ideologies and groups.

Peace Education Programs

The objective of our Peace Education Program is to enable youth learn how to better cope with emotional trauma, reject violence, respect one another, and to embrace the values of peace in their everyday living.

Youth Entrepreneurship Development

Our entrepreneurship initiatives give young men and women the foundation knowledge, training, and resources to start, lead, and grow small business.

Leadership Training Program

Leadership Training Program focuses on the core challenges encountered by youth leaders. Through a competitive screening process, LTP brings a diverse group of young delegates from all the regions together with distinguished experts, innovators, and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors for a journey of collective exploration, reflection, and networking.

Youth Volunteer Programs

Youth volunteers are a crucial part of our programs. Volunteering tends to bring like-minded people together, and encourage youth hat they have made a difference in their community.